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To create an invoice, go to the "OUTGOING INVOICES FOR PAYMENT" section, select the department from which the invoice will be created and click the upper left button "Add a new invoice" on the toolbar.

You will then be taken to a blank invoice template offering a series of text and numeric inputs, which are listed below

Invoice No.: Initially, the account number is based on the prefix that you entered in the department settings. Next, your account number increases sequentially with each account created.
To make changes to your invoice sequence style, simply change it on the invoice once - will automatically detect the change and number any future invoices accordingly.
Status: When an invoice is created, it is assigned the status "Draft".
When your account is fully registered, change the status to "Active" and save the account.
Date of creation: The date your invoice was created (today's date by default) is set automatically.
Invoice date: The date your invoice was issued (today's date by default). You can select another date starting from the current one.
Validity period (days): Invoice validity period in days. The default value is set from the department settings.
Valid until (date): Invoice expiration date. It is calculated automatically, but you can change it.
Buyer: This is your Client or Payer. Start typing the name of the payer or his email and the system will offer to select the appropriate options from the “YOUR CUSTOMERS” directory.
After selecting the field with the payer's details, the directory will be automatically filled in.
Change buyer name: After the customer data fields are automatically filled in, you can edit this field.
Contact person: The name of manager or contact person from the buyer's directory.
IDNO code: Buyer's fiscal code from the directory.
VAT code: Buyer's VAT code from the directory.
Email: Buyer's contact email.
Contact phone: Buyer's contact phone number from the directory.
Invoice language: The language in which the invoice will be issued. Set from department settings, but you can change it.
Invoice template: Invoice template for payment (details). Set from department settings, but you can change it.
Currency: The currency in which you want to display invoice amounts.
VAT payer: If you are a VAT payer, this flag will be enabled and the settings fields for VAT calculation will be available to you.
VAT rate and Amount: These parameters are indicated in the "YOUR ACCOUNT / User" section. If necessary, they can be changed on the invoice.
Description, Price per unit. and Qty: This is the invoice line data. Fill in the name of the product or service, unit price and quantity. All other parameters will be filled in automatically.
If you need to add or delete a line, use the "Add Line" or "X" buttons.
Manager's comment: Arbitrary comment from the manager, for example, the purpose of payment.
Service description: Free comment. This text is used in some templates, such as a service invoice.

The remaining fields with totals and taxes are calculated automatically.
Changed: 27.05.2024 01:38