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Changed: 07.04.2023 18:20

Configuration extensions (or add-on to 1C configuration)

Configuration extensions make it possible to significantly simplify the adaptation of a standard application to the needs of a specific deployment, a specific customer.

  • This mechanism is available in 1C:Enterprise Platform releases starting from version


The customer often wants to add something to or customize a standard configuration. The strategy offered by extension implies no need to modify the standard configuration. All the changes are made in the extension, which, actually, is a configuration, as well.

After that, the extension is simply attached (connected) to the standard configuration in 1C:Enterprise mode. The platform automatically merges the extension with the standard configuration in 1C:Enterprise mode. As a result, the customer uses a standard solution, modified according to their requirements.

1C:8 - Configuration extensions, Fig. 1

1C:Enterprise - Configuration extension, Installation

When a provider releases a new standard configuration version, it is automatically updated because the standard configuration support mode has not changed. It remains fully supported by the provider. And when you launch an updated application, the platform will automatically merge the modified standard configuration with the extension. And the customer will continue using a standard solution modified, according to their requirements.

1C:8 - Configuration extensions, Fig. 2

Usage scenarios

Extensions are irreplaceable when the application operates in data sharing mode. For example, in the SAAS service model. One of the subscribers wants to have a couple of additional reports. While other subscribers want to work with an unchanged standard configuration.

In this case, an extension can be developed for that very subscriber, where all their requirements can be implemented. The subscriber will attach this extension and will use the modified configuration. At the same time, the rest of the subscribers will see no changes. That is because all the extensions are attached and run in the context of the current separator values. At the same time, you can apply the extension to all areas of the distributed infobase.

Another situation is the improvement of a standard configuration for a specific customer in their deployment (implementation). Or modifications of the standard configuration, which are performed by the customer's IT specialists independently. If all these improvements are made in the extension, then the standard configuration will remain fully supported, which will greatly simplify its further maintenance.

Extension Details

The extensions have implemented properties for storing information about the extension itself and its provider (vendor): "Brief information", "Detailed information", "Copyright", "Vendor information address (Address of provider details)", "Address of configuration details". The values of these properties are displayed in the "About the program" dialog box.

Configuration extensions in 1C - Information for developers