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Changed: 31.10.2023 16:37

User rights (Roles)

You can have 4 types of team members, each of which can be assigned to one or more departments that you have configured in your account:

Admin (Account Administrator, elevated rights) an administrator user who, in addition to issuing invoices, can manage the accounts of your employees and make changes to your account settings (departments, clients, suppliers, integrations, etc.)
A user account can have multiple Account Administrators assigned to it, but only one can have the status of "Senior Administrator" (maximum rights) and that user's account cannot be deleted.

Main Manager (extended rights) an user who can only do invoicing on behalf of the company department. They will not be able to adjust department settings.

Manager (standard rights) an user who can issue invoices only on behalf of “his department” of the company.

Guest (minimum rights, read only) an user who has read-only access and can only see your billing activities.


In the current version of the system, the BUYERS section is available to all managers and departments.

This is done in case when the same customer can be served in different departments and by different managers.