Adding and Removing Managers

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Changed: 24.09.2023 14:58

In this guide, we will show you how the roles and permissions system on works.

Adding and Removing Managers

Each company on has its own set of Managers who have access to the account.

Senior manager

When registering a company account, the user who registered the company automatically becomes the "Senior Manager - SysAdmin (*)" and can:

  • invite other Managers to the company account
  • manage access rights of Managers

The allowed number of managers (total) depends on the chosen tariff.

(*) SysAdmin is a Senior Manager whose account cannot be deleted.
A User can only have one (1) SysAdmin.
The rights (label) of the System Administrator can be transferred to any of the existing Senior managers.

Invite Users (Managers)

If you are the Senior Manager, then go to the ACCOUNT → MANAGERS section.
Click on the "+" icon next to MANAGERS.
Enter the basic details of the person you want to invite.
Select permissions for the manager. Click the "Invite" button.

The new manager will receive an email with a confirmation link and a temporary login password.
After confirmation, he will be able to log into the company account with the rights set for him.
There, he will be able to change the temporary password to his more convenient one.

Deleting Users

Direct removal of the manager in the current version of the system is not possible.

Please contact technical support to resolve this issue.