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Changed: 07.04.2023 16:58

In order to make changes to your billing details, payment method, and download invoices, simply navigate to the top-left dropdown menu and select "Invoicing / Billing".

Add payment method:

If you are looking to add a new payment method to your account, simply click on the "Add Payment Method" button, located at the top-right of the "Payment Methods" box. A popup modal will appear.

Rules for currencies conversion rate

Implementation of rules for currencies conversion rate

1) conversion scheme:

  • the official exchange rate for the current or selected day
  • the amount can be expressed: in the seller's currency (by default), in the buyer's currency (optional)

2) allowances:

  • without allowances
  • % of the amount for conversion
  • the exact amount to be converted

3) rounding the total amount due

rounding accuracy (scale) to units:

  • without rounding
  • 0,05
  • 0,1
  • 1
  • 5
  • 10