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Preparing API Requests

1) EntryPoint (entry_point) API - current value: - this is the first part of the request URL.

2) Application API (application) - is the second part of the request URL. Determined depending on the purpose of the request.
The application line is formed from the following parts:
- service - in this case facturare, this is an electronic invoice service
- version - now it's v1 - the first version of the API
- action - action, for example put - "put" an invoice for payment into the system
- object - an object, for example invoice - this is an invoice for payment

3) The request URL is formed from entry_point and application. Request example:
- entry_point =
- application = /facturare/v1/put/invoice
- resulting URL = - this is the URL of the request to the first version of the API to place an invoice for payment.

4) Data is transferred using the standard POST HTTP(S) protocol.

Changed: 08.04.2023 02:50