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Changed: 08.04.2023 02:50

Preparing API Requests

1) EntryPoint (entry_point) API e-Cont.md - current value: https://api.diginet.md - this is the first part of the request URL.

2) Application API (application) - is the second part of the request URL. Determined depending on the purpose of the request.
The application line is formed from the following parts:
- service - in this case facturare, this is an electronic invoice service
- version - now it's v1 - the first version of the e-Cont.md API
- action - action, for example put - "put" an invoice for payment into the e-Cont.md system
- object - an object, for example invoice - this is an invoice for payment

3) The request URL is formed from entry_point and application. Request example:
- entry_point = https://api.diginet.md
- application = /facturare/v1/put/invoice
- resulting URL = https://api.diginet.md/facturare/v1/put/invoice - this is the URL of the request to the first version of the API to place an invoice for payment.

4) Data is transferred using the standard POST HTTP(S) protocol.