API reference / General provisions / Authentication
Changed: 08.04.2023 02:52


API for user authentication uses the technology of unique keys (tokens). Valid API keys are required for all requests.

The connect object is used to authenticate the client - mandatory in every request.

    "connect": {
    "client": "{{ client_token }}",
    "token": "{{ access_token }}",
    "language": "ro-RO"

The key values for the request are in your account.

Getting an API Key

API keys can be obtained by logging into and then selecting
"SETTINGS" → "{{ YOUR OFFICE }}" → "Online invoicing" → "E-invoice issuing".
Select the "Universal Data Exchange - API" section and copy the two keys:
- Client ID is the unique key of your account (the client parameter in the request)
- Token is a unique key of your department (token parameter in the request